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April 20, 2007


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Good for you for getting right to that tag - I am glad it made you post today!!! Great picture too!!!


omg, what a darling pic of your darling daughter. love the acion on it too :) thanks for playing along lol :)

Angi Smith

Hey! How did you know about Jackson, TN? I live about 45 minutes from there and that is where we go when we want to go shopping!


I'm curious--what's the OLD SKOOL action? And where can I see it?


Hope you have a superamazing SUNNY weekend, Miss Jenn. :)

love, me <><

Audrey Litfin

What a fun action, I keep trying to resist but seeing some of these actions in use makes it hard to resist.


I gotta get on this - why does my name have to start with an H!!! LOL

Kate Teague

DUDE! I need to blog again thanks to you :P hee hee

Better get on it and ummm yeah thanks for the TRA link above.

I have been eyeing (how DO you spell eying??) those actions for awhile now. This may push me over the edge!

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