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April 26, 2007


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way to go kids on the dentist/no cavities visit. that is awesome!! great lo and i love the shabby border :) have a super dupter fun date nite and quality talks with dh :) ttyl


OOOH enjoy date night ;) and wahoo to no cavities.


Hope that you have a fabulous date night! Love the title work with those adorable photos!!


ahhhhhhhhhh, much better, i was starting to get the shakes!! : ) have fun on your date night. i looooove date night too. isn't it nice to love your husband that much and enjoy his company and just be able to talk without filtering through the children's interruptions? complete sentences. nice concept. it's such a blessing that not everyone has. soak it up. yum!


hey am I one of your favorite girlies????
devon says he wants to come to campout at your house with BUZZ lightyear!!!!
have fun tonight!!!!!


I was a thumb-sucker, too, until I was almost 6! But what finally got me to stop was that I wanted to wear nail polish and my brother told me if I sucked my thumb with nail polish on it, I would get really sick and could possibly die. A little harsh, I know, but every time I stuck my thumb in my mouth with nail polish on, I immediately took it out! ;-) Good luck!

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