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May 12, 2007


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Thanks for the Mothers Day wishes - the same back to you girl! Muah!

Love the album and the finished products too by the way!

Brooke - in Oregon

Happy Mother's Day to you too :)

Oh my gosh, that is just the cutest book evah!! Thanks for the link to the books and the awesome quick pages! LOVE them.

But I am sooo needing some details! lol looks like you inked after you printed? I have never printed a digi layout (remember I have been doing digi for just a few months) So what 'finish' did you use to print and what medium did you use to adhear to the book. Just not real sure about what kind of paper would work. Hey thanks for any info you can give me. I am thinking these would be AWESOME Christmas gifts!!


Happy Mothers Day to you my sweet shabby friend!!!


Nancy Comelab

Oh! I just love, love, love reading your blog! Happy Mothersday to you too! I hope you had a glorious day! A day as special as you are! {hugs}


Happy, happy, Mother's Day to my fabulous friend. Hope you have a wonderful one!!


Love all your shabby goodness!


happy mother's day to you :) love, love, love those albums and all the rest of your goodies. girl you just make everything look so fun and simple. you really rock!!!


You are a Shabby goddess! I LOVE your colorful, fantastic site!


Adorable album, Jenn! Happy Belated Mom's Day!


i'm confused? are these digital scrapbook pages you mounted onto regular pages? could you explain. and did you round the corners with an actual corner rounding punch thingy? sorry, i'm a little out of it when it comes to comprehending without hands-on experience.


You have the most beautiful creations Jenn! Your creativity sets a standard that many of us hope to attain! You are full of inspiration :D. Thanks for the link to Tracy Ann's designs. I'm filling up my cart! Keep 'em coming :D


Everything is just gorgeous! Hope your mother's day was happy!


you realize it's been six days...right? hope everything is okay. i'm somewhat of a worrywort when i don't hear from my favorite bloggers. blessings for a great weekend!


Who knew Oriental Trading Company had those nifty board books? Thanks for the lead. I wandered over to your site via a link and now MUST add it to my favorites...who has time for work anymore? :-) Keeping up with our "friends" and their crafting is a full time job!!!!

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