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May 27, 2007


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Can I say WOW!!! These kits ROCK!!! You are such an amazing designer.


i didn't even finish reading your entry before i was off and buying baskets. girl - such lovelyness! :) yum! and thanks for the desktop! woot!


You got me again girl! Amazing colors and I love all the elements. They're already on my HD and I cant wait to play! ~Katy


I am droooooooooling!! These are so GORGEOUS!! The colors of "Basket" are so fabulous!! Off to shop!!
Happy Memorial Day!!


WOWZERS is right!!! I love the desktop and I just have to have the Flea Market Basket kit!!!! Just downloaded the desktop... not off to grab that delicious new kit!!!!


Gorgeous new kits - on my way to pick them up in just a minute! Thanks for the awesome new desktop - love it!


WOW Jenn...the best yet...and that is hard to beat your others too:) Smiles:)


Thank you for the GORGEOUS desktop calendar! Can't wait to get my pics on it! Thank you!


Oh I am sooooo loving these new kits! Your designs just keep me drooling!! I looooove the alpha in the Baskets kit--so beautiful! Hope you had a super Memorial Day Weekend!


You should really start selling on .. i'm looking for altered things to buy.. tins, cards, lunchboxes.. ect! Do you know any good sites that sell those kinds of shabby things? =)


Thanks for the freebie desktop! love it!



Thank you for the lovely new kits! And the desktop freebie - very fun!!!

The Legacy Lady

Great new kits! I had some fun with Lil' Playground this morning and posted the layout on my blog - Keep designing this cute stuff - it inspires me to scrap! :)

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