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May 06, 2007


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Jen Harr

Ummmm.....GORGEOUS stuff!!
OMG-- I just purchased some Rocketdog shoes-- they're wedges, I guess that's what they are-- & the sandal part looks like torn material---super cute!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

LOVE that "something cute to LOOK at" on your lil bloggie today!! I might have to copy for a LO....
Anyways...SO funny that you talked about finding time to get together with your girlfriends and just..BE CREATIVE! I was just talking to my BF about just sooo inspires and lifts us up in this sometimes dreary world. You end up leaving, feeling...refreshed, re-energized, and ready to conquer anything!
LOVE that!
(Definitely! you need a name AND some Pink Lady tees for your lil group!)


Bore us??? Come on now - get real. You couldn't bore us if you tried! :)

Love the rocketdog shoes - too fun! Glad you had a shabbilicious time on Fri with the girls!!!


Those shoes are TOTALLY cool!! I have my eye on a couple pairs of those also!!
Soo happy to hear that you had fun wiht your friends! A girl needs that every once in a while!
Have a great day girl!


AHH!! I need your help! I don't know how else to contact you. In my craziness on Saturday I did all of my shopping and decided to come back at a more calm time to download my goodies from each store. I don't know how to get my goodies from your can understand that right? Help! BTW...looooove the new stuff! ANy your new shoes, I have been wanting a pair of Rocket Dogs!


Where to begin?! LOL I am all for something pretty to look at in a post. Gotta love that and this 'something' is just too fun for words. That would've taken me 3 hours just to pull together. And rocket dogs are my FAVORITE kind of shoes. I have 3 pair and could use 3 more (including some just like the ones you got - love em!). Your Creative Queen days sound like a riot. I have one friend that I get together and sew purses with and she did just buy that laptop I'd been borrowing so I think she's interested in learning the digi-scrapping too. Fun stuff. :) Awesome quilt square too. I will have to check those out! :) Have a great Tuesday sweetie!!


How about The Shabby Playground? Or The Crafty Playground? I always think of being creative as "playing", and you play in The Playground! Instead of naming yourselves, name the place. Even if it moves from house to house!

Signs & Salvage

Hi There!!! This is my first time contacting you...although I have been enjoying your blog & items for a while. I too am a vintage junkie and have been since I was a little girl. My grandma had a cottage in Malibu and was the ULTIMATE in granny chic not to mention a beach comber for over 40 years!!! Anyway...not sure why I am sharing...just feel like I already kind of know you:) Soooooo...anyway...thinking about your craft group. I was inspired by a vintage tablecloth I found last weekend at the Ventura Swap Meet (for $3.00 by the way.) Do you know those signature quilts that a close group of women used to make for friends who were moving away??? Well, I found the SWEETEST square table cloth with names like Mabel, Margarite, Gertie, Emma, embroidered all over it. All such wonderful & old fashion names! Just thinking that somehow you could incorporate this sweet tradition & sentiment into a group the "signature girls"...or "signature chic"...or something like that. You could get t-shirts & each embroider your names on eachother's shirts...adding to them as new friends are added. that is my idea...for what it is worth. Happy Mother's Day!!! Kristin


I think Creative Queens is an excellent name, in itself. But how about Mischevious Moms?
Thanks for everything!

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