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May 08, 2007


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Oh gosh, I had a sewing basket just like that when I was a child ... does that make me old? LOL!


How about "Scissor Sisters"

Kathy Moore

How about "the Shabby Sisters"?


OK...bummer---I was just going to post "Shabby Sistas" but it seems Kathy had the good idea before me! How about "Crazy Crafters" or "Mix-It Mommas"?


Okay, so here's mine . . .

Triple C's
{Crafty Cutting Cuties}


beautiful blog page...glad I found it.

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ok...I thought of this yesterday when you were talking about this lil club..

The P.I.N.K Ladies (or The P.I.N.K. Ladies Club)

Where... Passions Inspire Neverending Kinship


or Where...Pretty Ideas Never Cease (P.I.N.C.)

or ... Pursuing Inspiration Never Kills...just kidding! LOL


Oops! Just posted this to the previous post. Anyway, here is my suggestion:

How about The Shabby Playground? Or The Crafty Playground? I always think of being creative as "playing", and you play in The Playground! Instead of naming yourselves, name the place. Even if it moves from house to house!


How about The ladies.


I'll play! :-) about the Shabby Crafters? or the Sweet Ideas Society (aka S.I.S.)? (or it also be the Sweet Inspiration Society)?


How about Sewing Sisters?


The Society of Sisters with Scissors.

Creators Club

The Ribbon League

Color Wheel Club

Marker Mamas

Pink Polka Dots

Sew What Sisters


Hey what a fun way to start the day...

How about:
- Happy sewing sisterhood
- Crafty Get Toguether group
- Wrap around ribbon Sisters
- Crafty girls just Having Fun (CGJHF)
- Cut & Sew Gals

Heather aka MuddyPawPrints

Stash Klatch

(literally, a group of friends working with what you have) I too am a scrapper/quilter and I drool over those fabrics! Sweet!


How about
Oh Sew Fabulous
"sew"l sisters


The Fabulous Faction (a faction is a group of people forming a cohesive, usually contentious, minority from within a larger group)


Ugh! There are so many good names already! =)


The Crazy Chicks Craft Club
Crazy Chick Crafters
Creative Design Chicks
Cute Creative Diva's
Crafty Diva's


What a fun idea! I may have to start my own club like this! Okay, so here are my ideas:

The Crafty Little Devils (or Divas)
The Queens of Creation
Kick Back & Create Club
Design Divas
Friends/Sisters By Design
Imagination Team- "I.T. Girls" :)
The Come-up-withs
Crazy Glue Girls
The Knit Wits
The Sip & Snip Sisters/Sisterhood

Wow. That's a lot. Okay, I'm done. LOL!


Hmm...ok, just because it's Heather Bailey Fabric on the are my best ideas :)

Crafting Queens
Shabby Mamas (hmm..where did I get that one??)
Chic Mamas
Sew & Sip Sisters (I know how you must have your Coffee!)

Cathy Pascual

Has this already been said:

the shabby chic(k)s


My (or The) Imaginary Friends (imagine=create)

:^) Wonderful site! So glad I stumbled upon it! I'll think a bit more... that Heather Bailey is too tempting!


-Glitter Guild (GG's)
-WEE (We Embellish Everything!)
-Serendipity (The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.)
-Outside the Box
-The Monday Girls (or whatever day you meet)



what about Sew Fabulous? or Absewlutely Fabulous?


How about:

Sew n So's
Stitch N Bitch
Sew Much Time
Girls Giggles and Great Gifts

Thanks for letting me play!

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