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May 08, 2007


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m&k fridays
(mom & kids fridays) =)

cute schtuff!! =)


Designing Divas


This is my second post, but I'll throw a few more out...(this is fun!):

The Shabby Circle
The Pink Thimble Society
The Busy Bees
The HoneyBees
The HoneyBee Society (I see a whole cute "busy bee" theme carrying over to your T-shirts...)
The ShabBEES


I don't know you, but I just came across your blog and LOVE IT!
name suggestion... S.W.A.T. Team (Shabby With A Twist) ;)


today I would like to make a giant complement for you. your kits are wonderful!
I love your blog with this great colors!

Angi Smith

How about The Shabby Chics?


Hi, about "The Craft Patrol" You are all probably to young to remember "The Rat Patrol"...think is was a tv series!


OK, how about the "Shabby Sweets"? You could casually shorten it to the "Shabbies" or the "Sweets"!


Hey there..what if i bought the Cabana kit on NSD & still havent gotten the link for it?? What do i do? Thanks.. =)


(so) Sew Shabby
Sew Creative
Sew with it
Thread Therapy :)


One more...Girls Gone Creative! (you can get a chuckle out of the "Girls Gone Wild" reference...heehee)


My first choice of "Shabby Chics" was already taken! Great minds, and all that. How about "Needle Little Fun"?


How about
Material Girls :)


Bound by Thread

Signs & Salvage

I"M SORRY...I am posting this twice...but I am not sure if I am supposed to post to the day you requested the ideas or the latest sorry...newbie here:) Hi There!!! This is my first time contacting you...although I have been enjoying your blog & items for a while. I too am a vintage junkie and have been since I was a little girl. My grandma had a cottage in Malibu and was the ULTIMATE in granny chic not to mention a beach comber for over 40 years!!! Anyway...not sure why I am sharing...just feel like I already kind of know you:) Soooooo...anyway...thinking about your craft group. I was inspired by a vintage tablecloth I found last weekend at the Ventura Swap Meet (for $3.00 by the way.) Do you know those signature quilts that a close group of women used to make for friends who were moving away??? Well, I found the SWEETEST square table cloth with names like Mabel, Margarite, Gertie, Emma, embroidered all over it. All such wonderful & old fashion names! Just thinking that somehow you could incorporate this sweet tradition & sentiment into a group the "signature girls"...or "signature chic"...or something like that. You could get t-shirts & each embroider your names on eachother's shirts...adding to them as new friends are added. that is my idea...for what it is worth. Happy Mother's Day!!! Kristin

Tina Stringfellow

How about the Shabby Divas.


Okay, so hows about these:

The Glitter Goddesses
Crafty Chicks
Shabby Sistas


The Stitch Sistas
Patch Makers
The Stitch Chicks
The Retro Divas

Marsha a/k/a Aunti M

Good Luck picking a name! There are some really cool ones tossed out here! The "Stitch n Bitch" one cracked me up!!
Is "Creative Circle" a trademark name?
If you quilt, "The Piece Makers"
"Queen Bees"
Or you could do like my friend did. She and a bunch of friends belong to "The Book Guild/Club" , actually not sure which. Sounds really scholastic. Anyway, what they do is get togeather once a month at a different restraunt and eat and drink and be merry! It made me laugh that they don't read and discuss books!! So you could go with any kind of name...doesn't even have to have anything to do with crafting!! LOL!
Happy Mothers Day!

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