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June 29, 2007


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so blessed

You don't know me, but I found your blog via Sharon Kenealy's blog. I'm totally with you on watching two boys sword fighting and the whole good guy/bad guy thing! I could watch my boy and the neighbor boy for a long time! And I like how you have his room in a pirate theme.

Tina Stringfellow

Got my iPhone today. Totally loving it!


I REALLY do hope you are printing out these awesome 'layouts' that you create just for your blog posts. This one is GORGEOUS... the photography... the colors... the glitter waves - EVERYTHING!!

gina h

Why didn't the little pirate go to the movie? It was aarrrrgghh rated and there was lots of! My 7 year old has been obsessed with pirates since he was three and tells that joke to everyone..haha! OMG, Josh's room is too cool...always wanted to do a pirate room, but never sure how and you have done it perfectly...tfs!


Will you come shop for me, pretty please? I don't know what theme I want for my apartment, but I know you could whip up something amazing!! :)

love, me <><


Very cool layout! Gotta love those little pirate boys!!

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