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June 04, 2007


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Oh Jenn... how CUTE are all those pics!! I LOVE what you did with them all here. Looks like a great weekend indeed!


PLEASE let me borrow your creativeness... just for a moment! That page is TO DIE FOR. Hands down the best fishing page I've ever seen. I ADORE it!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Oh what fun!
We've still to break out the new Barbie fishing pole...
Chayce's FACE....LOL!


oh yes this is awesome!!!!
been missing ya!!


That LO is fantastic Jenn. You scrapped those photos PERFECTLY! And OMGosh does that kit ever look like it was made for Chayce's bathing suit in the post before this. How fun!


Love Chayce holding her knows, she is a girl after my own heart.

lisa (momy4him)

what fun! looks like the kids really enjoyed it and chayce's face just cracks me up- love that pic!


I won???? Yipppee! Okay, but I can't find your email address...where is it???

Audrey Litfin

Wow Jenn, that's an awesome LO!!! Lovin' the pics. I agree, Chayce's face just cracks me up!


Jen I just love reading your blog, You have such cute kids and wonderful inspiration. Quick question I'm sure you have shared this a million times, but can you tell how you make your so cute Sabby bord books. I would like to know the adhesive and paper you use most of all. Thanks so much!


I love this layout!!! I love how the page isn't a traditional shape. Its great. Thank so so much for sharing!

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