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June 18, 2007


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OK now thats what i'm talkin about! Delivering the goods! THanks so much, This is lovely!! :) woohooo! we're heading to the beach for the 4th and I am gonna take a million pics just to scrap em with this kit! Great job Jenn!!! ~Katy

Angi Smith

I love the designs and the colors. Pictures are really going to stand out with these. I can't wait until I find some paypal funds! Excellent job!


Geesh - those girlies are so quick at scrapping their CT pages - LOVELY! I have mine half done and fell asleep last night - LOL! I LOVE the kit - a great 4th of July kit!

lisa (momy4him)

this is fab! i love it all- it is soooooo mine!

Nancy Comelab

OMG what a gorgeous, gorgeous kit! Jenn! You are fabulous!


Love the kit Jenn! Just as good as I thought it would be :D


Great kit Jenn !! Congrats !


Looooooooooove this new kit!!! So YUM!!!


LOVE this fun new kit, Jenn! I know I will have some great pics from our 4th vacation this year so I will be putting this new kit to GOOD use!!

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