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June 10, 2007


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You NEVER let me down with all the fabulous stuff to look at here! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend - no on to a busy week I am sure! Have a good one!

lisa (momy4him)

wow! are you busy!!! you had a fun packed weekend-love the photos!


I wish our little town had fun stuff like this. We have NOTHING. LOL! I sooooooooo hope that you are printing these pages that you create for your blog of your weekend happenings. They are AWESOME and deserve an album of their own... just documenting what's going on in your world right now. These are my favorite "pages" of yours!


I agree with Shari, I LOVE the everyday pages... sounds like a really fun weekend.


that sounds like lots of fun!!! will you show us the birthday invites you made? bet they're cuuuuute! also, where did you get the little scalloped photo frames in the previous post? i love them. i think i'm gonna make baby caroline some photo birth announcements and would love to use something like that. take care. thanks for sharing. i wish you could come to my house and help me decorate. : ) blessings!


Your style is seriously amazing!!!


What fun stuff! You find the greatest little shops and tag sails. And wow is that lace ever gorgeous. That's going at the very top of my wishlist. Right along with that super real looking ric rac you used once I figure out which shabby designer made that! :) I swear your blog posts should be printed out and put in your albums. :) Hope you're having a great week!


What cuteness!! I've been lusting after that bag... and the tray is just gorgeous!

Audrey Litfin

I love all that small town stuff!! Every year, we celebrate "LaSalle Day" which is a day of small town fun. A softball tourney, mud vball, booths and a big street dance! Can't pass that stuff up!


Mmmm! I love all those wonderful photos! :o) Great inspiration!


This once a week posting to the blog isnt gonna cut it Jenna!! We need more frequent updates! :p You'd better have another super-d-duper kit coming out for all this absence or you'll have some serious 'splainin' to do! ~Katy aka Plucky

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