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June 21, 2007


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Oh wow! What a day, huh? I am so glad that your phone is working again though. :-) Chayce's kini is definitely CUTE! I hope you have a GREAT weekend to make up for the harder days!


oh i'm so glad he got it working! love the egg!

Nancy Comelab

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your pink phone! Iphone it will have to be now.. lol. You know how they say everything happens for a reason, right? *chuckles
It is so wonderful and refreshing to read your post, Miss Jenn. I love it how you are still able to concentrate on the things you are thankful for in life, even when it's not all good. I recently talked about gratitude on my blog as well. I am putting you on my list of things to be grateful for! :)
Take good care of yourself and get well soon! {hugs}

so blessed

SO glad your phone works now. Men are amazing that way, aren't they?! It's truly the little things that can mean so much sometimes.
Really hope you feel better soon.


i'm so sorry you had a rough day! send a little prayer your way and wish for renewal :). take care of you!!!


Oh LOLOLOLOLOLOL Miss Shabbiness!! You are making me just crack right up! Heeehee! Soooo glad your pink phone is working and soooooooooo sorry you got the flu!! UGH! I didn't know you were sick!! NO fun! But ooooh I am jealous of your coffee shop! Sounds soooo yum, but I guess I'll just have to suffer with my Starbucks-LOL! That's all I've got!! Have a super evening! MUAH!

Sarah Vrolyk

I am so grateful that I have found you! I love your designs and your take on life. Both are so refreshing! Hope you are feeling better soon and that you have a relaxing weekend. :)

jen harr

Oh sweet SMJ! I'm sorry you're warn out with the flu & WOW, taking care of 3 kiddos! I wish I could help!! You're pink phone story made my day though! LOL! Love it!
Oooo oooh, I just got the Bare Essentials/minerals too! Aren't they just the greatest!!

jen harr

Oh sweet SMJ! I'm sorry you're warn out with the flu & WOW, taking care of 3 kiddos! I wish I could help!! You're pink phone story made my day though! LOL! Love it!
Oooo oooh, I just got the Bare Essentials/minerals too! Aren't they just the greatest!!


I would sooo come and take the kids and drop you off something nice and warm to enjoy for dinner. YOU need some spoiling.

Kim (OliveJuice)

Big hugs for the hard weeks. *sigh* We all have 'em, but they are just definitely NO fun. Wish we lived just a bit closer and the babes could come hang out with us all day long to let Mommy get better. ;)
Loved the phone story. (I've been scheming to get a new iphone too. Aren't those the COOLEST?!!) And I'm a HUGE BE fan too. Just ask Jaynie and Shawn. I tried to converted a whole group of gals on our last digi trip. *hehe* Hey, when something's GOOD, you just gotta spread the word.
Love and hugs~

lisa (momy4him)

oh jenn (((HUGS))) coming your way and i would soooo take your kiddies for ya if we lived closer. already have 6, what's three more?!! i hope you get to feelin' better real soon! i'm glad you got your phone working again, and you tell the best stories- that davito sounds delish!
also, kim is right. she did convert almost everyone over to BE. not me though (he he he) i don't wear make-up. ok i do. just on special occasions when i get let out of the house. which isn't very often.


Oh, I am so happy to hear you fixed your phone!! I was going to tell you to blow dry it. Yes, I say this from experience! LOL! I have been using Bare Minerals for a few years now and it is the BESTEST thing!!! I give all my girlfriends samples to try to convert them! It is just so great you want everyone to use it! Sorry you had a hard week, Enjoy your relaxing weekend!!

Love the new kit! Fabulous! (well, they always are!!)

Jess (Scrapbook Ideas)

Hey girl - SO sorry you had a tough week!!!! Hey, we have the exact same phone!!!!! Man, I would be SO bummed too if my little cutie took a dive into my iced cappuccino, yikes! Glad everything is OK!! Well, you rest up and hopefully the weekend will bring brighter days! Thanks for the cheery, uplifting post :).

Becky (Daisyduster)

oh my...little miss pink phone sings, "I will survive!" lol
Good for her!
You just get rested up, and think of pleasant things...and everything will turn around for tomorrow is a new day...
Love ya!


Oh my goodness, I'm dying over your phone story! I'm glad it's up and working for ya! I get mine tomorrow and can't wait! Hope you're feeling lots and lots better!{HUGS}


OMG! I feel your pain. My husband called me (on my cute pink phone) while I was driving the other day to tell me I won't be able to reach him the rest of the day because I had washed his phone in the washing machine! OH NO
Too efficient with the laundry and grabbed up a huge pile of clothes on our bedroom floor. My husband doesn't leave things in his laundry so I didn't even check the pockets. EEEK
The phone dried out and is working but it won't recognize the sim card. POOOO!


Please tell me you sell or will be selling that lovely black and white bow. I must have it.

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