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June 29, 2007


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oh, that's so good to know!!! i've heard that it is you think a two-year-old could last through it? we've never taken addy to see it!!!


Oh good to know you enjoyed it! Maybe we'll buy it when it comes out:) E is only 18 months and there's NO way she'll sit through it-LOL!! Not even sure about J and he's 3! Love the post with the pirate stuff too! We've got a nautical theme for J but I keep thinking of other thing to change to--like tractors (he loooooves those and I saw the cuuuutest stuff at PBK) or doggies. Oh well, story of my life--can't make up my mind-hehe:) Hope you're feeling better!!! Have a super weekend!


Sooo good to know! Mia and I have been patiently waiting since seeing the preview on the Cinderella 3 DVD! :o)


We are thinking of catching this movie during our vacation (if we find time!). Soooo glad to hear you loved it!


It does look cute! As someone who loves to cook, has been to Paris (twice, a loooong time ago) and has even had rats for pets...I'm definitely gonna have to see it when it comes out on video. little kids to take with me to the actual movie.
Yes, I've had rats for pets. They make wonderful pets! They are clean, sweet and they all have distinct personalities. Hamsters, which are cute...can be really nasty. But not rats. Rats are as cute as the little guys in the movie.

Audrey Litfin

It looks so cute! Probably won't go see it though, can't talk Brad into "cute" movies....haha


Love the new kit and the name..what beautiful shabby summer!


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