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June 18, 2007


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Those waffles look delicious. How cute are THOSE! Can't wait to see what you come up with for a pin cushion. Sweet little miss Kimmy got me one of those fun cupcake ones for Christmas and I just love it. You definitely need some sort of pin cushion if you're gonna be sewing so much. Still love how so many of us venture into other crafty stuff too. :)

Happy Monday to ya sweetie and enjoy your week!


looks like tonnnns of fun happening! Had to share this pincushion with you...
Isn't that cool!?


Look at that waffle maker - too cute! So nice that you get to snooze in in the morning now for a while! Enjoy this summer to the fullest!


Ooh sleeping in, waffles, and quilting...these are the things summers are made of!!! I need to come out there and craft with you girls!!! :D Maybe I'll have to make you a fun pin cushion...or have one of my friends do it for me! ;)


My girls would LOVE that waffle maker!!!

This is totally the cutest post ever, your digi scrapping is such a visual treat!!!!


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