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July 19, 2007


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Nancy (bluefiji97)

Ok, are you sending it over or should I just come by to pick it up? Hehehe. It's so shabbilicious!


Wow wow WOW!!! Awesome!!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

You are on a ROLL, my dear!!!
Soo beautiful!
Very inspiring to create something, yeah? ...and then the ideas just flood in!!!
Keep it up!

Cathy Pascual

how gorgeous!!!

Cathy Pascual

how gorgeous!!!


c'mon over and decorate my new house, will ya?! :)


that is the cutest bench ever!! love love love it!!

also - have to tell you - i LOVE your new kit!!! used it for this week's LWAT - ... every single thing in the kit is FAB! thanks!!!!

Shari Barnes

You are on a roll! I wish I had half of your energy to actually COMPLETE the projects in my head.


Wow - what a cool bench!


You inspire me daily! That's all I have to say!! ;)

lisa (momy4him)

gorgeous fabric! you are a roll!


Oh my crazy goodness that bench is to die for! Gorgeous Jenn. Wow!

Cheryl Dack

WOW! I love your blog, designs, writing style...all of it! Lovely. I'll be back for sure!
hugs, cheryl


I love everything about that bench!!! Way to recover!


Erin ~tvp

I love that, sooooo beautiful!


Think about an Maltese......Great dogs little, cute, no shedding and look great in an shabby chic print....LOL

Stampin' D'Amour

Love your BLOG!! You have AMAZING talent for Scrapbooking!! WOW!! :0)



Beautiful! The fabric used really gives a certain character to the entire bench.


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