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July 06, 2007


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lisa (momy4him)

this new kit is delicious!!!!! must. have. it. lol! you rock!


Why Do I have to LOVE everything you make. I'm going to have to join your team so I dont go broke buying all your awesome designs. LOL

Amazing as always!


nana z

Love the black for summer layouts - great inspiration!


did i make the five? At last my insomnia from the pregnancy has paid off! :) Okay ... even if I don't get this kit ... definitely buying it! I love all the awesome kits you've been coming out with lately! :)


This kit is beautiful!! Wasn't Ratatouille awesome!!!


OH, no. Am I too late? I really love your latest kit? It is definitely the one that I need to buy.


I love your kit! Must pick it up!!!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Your kits and me...yeah, we go together like peanut butter and jelly! (little saying my DD and me say!)
LOVE this kit...I can't believe I've looked at your site 3 times today and missed getting it!!!
Sooo beautiful,'re really a fantastic designer!


The black polka dots are a perfect backdrop for these colors...
the colors are deliciously perfect!

Nancy Comelab

Only 3 words for you today: Oh My God! :)


booo hoooo!! I missed them didnt I? LOVE the kit and the cute trinkets - Nisha


Wow, Jenn this kit & the trinkets are awesome! I'm off to the shop :)

pat sloan

Just ordered goodies to use on my blog!


LOL..posted my comment on the wrong I was the colors...they are so shabby summer!


That is BEAUTIFUL! I think it is my favorite of yours now!! I love it! I only wish I was in the first 5 group! You do amazing work!!!


This kit is beautiful!! Love your mix of colors... definitely one of my favorites of yours :)


Love this kit!!!
I'm loving that black.
Good job!


i got your newsletter this morning. i'm buying it once i get a moment alone. i'm going to try and create caroline's birth announcements...i may use those vintage roses and hankies! CUTE!!! i'm behind on my thank yous and postings and all but you're on my list...this new's my favorite i think so far!...and thanks for all the other gifts you have graciously given me. GOD has certainly gifted you with so many wonderful qualities. bless you.


The colors in Gracie's Garden are fabulous! Just when I thought I didn't need to buy anything else....


Oooooh! I love this kit! More Gorgeous Shabby Goodies!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ooooh Jenn, you know I adore this kit!! And the trinkets are sooooo awesome too! Your designs just keep getting better and better!! Have a super weekend!


What a pretty will be great for scrapping my niece's pictures! Thanks for the recommendation on Ratatouille...I just took my little boy for his 3rd birthday and we loved it!


I woke up to late....beautiful kit!


Soooo cute! I love this kit. So many fun elements. Way to Go!


WOWOWEEE!! Gorgeous.. I'm far from being the first 5, but wanted to leave *love* for your new kit!! It's awesome as is everything you put out!! Love the new LO of Chayce.. she's so sweet!

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