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July 20, 2007


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OH Jen! That is the cutest little doggie!

We have a 1/2 shitzu 1/2 lhasa. Her name is Zoe.

Becky (Daisyduster)

What a delicious page of eye candy!!
And..yes, you would LOVE a little Yorkshire Terrier! They're VERY fun...and love to be with you ALL the time! We had one in Hawaii...sniff...but at least still can go visit her at my DHs parents there.


Hey sweet girl!!
We have a pug--as you've seen in a layout of mine. LOVE pugs! Such fun personalities & so easy to train---great dogs. If you're looking for one that is a bit more able to be outside in the heat & doesn't snore--LOL! They're breeding pugs with beagles and they are called 'puggles'---we're getting one sometime soon---need to get settled a tiny bit more. Anyway!
Oh my goodness---where were those photos taken or where are those goodies from---tooo chic!!


We have 3 pitbulls, before you cringe, I must say I was scared to death of them, until a stray puppy came to our home, I told my hubby to get rid of it, well we fed it, got it healthy and I will say, within a couple hours I was in love with this puppy, he is now 10 yrs old, and the most loyal dog imaginable, they are the most lovable and loyal dogs, its all in how they are raised, they grew up with my youngest daughter, and now my oldest daughters 2 babies, and the grandbabies love the dogs, and the dogs love the grandbabies, must say tho,the lil yorkshire
is just the kewtest !

Audrey LItfin

I love 'em all. As long as it's a dog, don't think you can really go wrong (though I am partial to my heelers). Just remember, if ya ever need any dog training advice, just email!! :)


Some more good inspiration from you girl! Love all the photos. Very cute pooch! We have a miniature Dachshund - weiner dog. He is so cute and seems to have been very easy to train as far as staying in boundaries like our yard and potty training. What I love most about him: He has NEVER been to a groomer!!! We clip his toenails and he is a shorthaired dog so never needs a trim - doesn't get gunk caught in his hair and beard!!! OK - that's my two sense - LOL!
Have a great rest of your weekend!


We have 2 Jack Russell terriors. They are great!! Super active for our kids and very well behaved! We have 1 short hair (who sheds like a maniac) and 1 long hair (who doesn't, and it's nice). But I have to say, I would go with a yorkie if we were "starting over," because they don't shed and you can keep them in a puppy cut for a little easier maintenance. They make great lap dogs and travel well.
Best of luck on your doggie decisions!


Love the turquoise and blue!!



I have a shepherd/lab mix. Easy going, smart, doesn't lick. Loves to go on boat rides, jet ski, and doesn't mind if kids grab his tail.

I have always loved mutts, and I love big dogs. I know he's gentle, but the stranger at the door doesn't :)


Love your collage! I made a vintage one on my blog too. Just couldn't resist!


OMG. I love your site. I love all things shabby although I don't own anything that is shabby chic - just shabby LOL. But one day ....
We have a cocker spaniel who is now 14 years old and have to say she is a real doll. She has been fantastic with my grandchildren who used to hop in her basket with her and crawl all over her. If ever it got too much for her she would just hide under the table!
We also have a Basset hound who is adorable but not quite as amiable as our cocker. (our basset doesn't like strangers, so she is a good watch dog ) Our cocker would lick a burgler to death!


I have a shih tzu! He's 8 months and is the best dog ever!! It's the first time I have a shih tzu and I tell you: I loved so much this breed that I am going to buy another one next month!LOL
They are very, very friendly, LOVE children and can be alone!

Tina Stringfellow

May I recommend that you NOT get a Jack Russell Terrier. They are friendly, lovable dogs with some serious anxiety issues who will destroy your house as payback for leaving them at home alone. It is a dog on speed!


We have 2 Pugs and a Lhasa. We have fallen in love with Pugs, but don't get them if you hate shedding dogs - they shed A LOT. If I had my way, I'd definitely get a Yorkie.


That dog is adorable! I think it would take 50 of her to make one Wilbur! lol


Jenn your Shabby everything is sooo beautiful! It all very kewl, tranquil and soothing on the eye. It's a definite "feel good" site.

You know what a great position you're in here? You get to take home a precious little baby puppy and love it to bits forever! In return it will give you back such joy...well, you know since you've had the honor before. I've had doggies (and cats - but dogs are so much more affectionate for some reason, don't know why) for many, many years and I couldn't possibly survive without them. My puppy, Skrappy, is 12 years old Pom-a-Poo and makes everyday so special. I'm really so grateful for each moment with him. He dotes on me and is the sweetest little thing. I used to have a little angel I named "Muffin". She was the most adorable, loving Yorkshire Terrier. They're loving, loyal, cuddly, playful and you'll be so happy you made that choice. I miss her. I LOVE doggies (animals) more than anything and they love you so purely and unconditionally.

I'll be looking forward to hearing what your decision was. Best of luck.


Hi, love the photos, your blog is such a source of inspiration and eye candy. I am absolutely smitten with the aqua/blue room. Could you please direct me to the site? I saw photos of it before but failed to bookmark the site, and I'd love to keep feasting my eyes on it some more. Please? Thanks so much.

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