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July 17, 2007


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Shari Barnes

I am anxious to get mine!! Didn't you get one of Donna's too? I wanted one of hers but never did get one. I think this will serve me better with what I need though. Such a CUTE pic of your hubby. I can see Josh in his face for sure!

Becky (Daisyduster) first I thought it was just a b/w pic you had...but it really IS old..LOOK at those pictures in the frames in the background??? SO COOL!!!

YES..on the couch as we speak! LOL


i just got my first mac two days ago--a macbook pro!!!!!!!!!!! i love it even thought i'm wandering around clueless ;)!!!!


How cool that you have that photo and I'll bet you have a similar picture of Shabby Daddy with one of the Shabby kiddos of your own. That is such a classic photo - I feel like we all have one! Very cool!

Cathy Pascual

so cute!
love that pic!

btw, I just finished a layout using flea market baskets! i took the perfect picture's the link:

have a great day :)


Such cute pic Jenn! Like Manda said, it looks like a classic photo that everyone has. :) Totally love that!
I bought my shootsac yesterday!!! YAY I am so pumped!! I really needed it last week for some shoots. But I have a lot of shoots coming up that it will be awesome for!
Have a great day girl!

lisa (momy4him)

awwww what a sweet photo!


The real question should have been does anyone's guy NOT do this? I think it's built into the male DNA to fall asleep on the couch - most usually with the television blaring in the background.

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