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July 31, 2007


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oh no! I hope my email got through to you on time before you wrote this post!:(


Darn it!!! I was to slow!!!
Maybe next time~


oh i hope mine made it, too! :) eeek!


Oh darn...being an Aussie was a distinct disadvantage this time!!! DIdn't even see the call till it was closed, and I've been on the computer most of the day!


awww I am bummed I wanted to apply. Good Luck choosing!! :)

Lauren Reid

DANG! How did i miss this call?!?!?! i promise to be payin better attention next time you do a call i promise! uh...and should you NEED a guest please hunt me down! ;) xooxoxoxo L

Lauren Reid

oh duh...i just realized that WAS for a guest gig! bwhahahah clearly i'm not so good at reading the details huh?! tee hee xo

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