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July 25, 2007


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Shari Barnes

You already know that I LOVE LOVE the new look! The category headers are awesome! Soooo YOU! I so need to update my personal blog but haven't found the time or creativity for that one yet. Thank goodness I hired Miss Pea to do the work one or it never would have gotten done!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Wow!...I takes so much time!! Especially when I don't know what you're doing most of the time! lol
Very clean looking...but still very chic! love it..

Becky (Daisyduster)

OK..little typo...I meant to say "Especially when I don't know what *I* am doing most of the time...."
sheesh! So glad I caught rude! lol

Kim (OliveJuice)

Beautimus dahling. Love the clean shabbiness of it all. XOXO~


Oh I LOVE this new look - the pink is to die for!


Oooh, I just LOVE it! Those tabs are PERFECT. How fun! And I wondered why it looked like you had 66 new posts. LOL Very impressive remodel job though. Having done a few by now I'm particularly impressed that you got the pretty title tab displayed for categories. You go girl! :) Gorgeous photo too. :)


Beautiful Jenn, Love the look of your blog. So pretty and clean. -Kathleen


Oh I am loooooving the new look on the ole' bloggie here! It looks so fresh but so sooooo girly too! I've always really like the middle column blog look-LOL! Don't know why! Love that cute pic too! Hope you're having a super week!


I just got a good laugh reading this post!! I just have to say that your "big huge" pictures have never scared me! LOL! Thank goodness for my computer screen---must bee seeing what you're seeing & have ALWAYS loved it!!!

deann mcdaniel

wow - this looks WONDERFUL!!!! i too love suffer from the same syndrome - huge picture - but gosh, now that i see how fab your blog looks, i guess i can live w/smaller photos! lol

i am glad that you explained why my bloglines for you said 66 this morning! LOL


lisa (momy4him)

you have done a wonderful job!! i love the new look girl!!


Everything looks gorgeous! I want to ask you how to change the headers to images but I don't want to have to do all the work then - lol! I'll just admire how pretty yours is :)


TOTALLY LOVE this look girlie!!! You did a wonderful job!! I have to update my look sometime too, but I have been CRAZY busy!
Have a geat day!! (looks wonderful)


Just leaving some gushing wonderful comments!

Eva (freshandvintage)

I love your new look Jenn--fab fab fab my friend! HUGE pictures is still one of my thangs too...I am learning to scale down a few pixels at a time. A girl's gotta take baby steps with some things, ya know:) Oh....and is that not the sweetest vintage roses sprayer. I just love it. It's so nice to have a new blogging friend-thanks for the linky link.


Okay, love the new look!

And I'm the same with my ha-yuge pictures. But I'm too lazy to change it!


the blog-over looks fabbbbulous, SMJ! I love it! I may have to learn some hacking... LOL!!!

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