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July 31, 2007


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oh my gosh! i'm SO applying! good thing i just made this layout LOL told ya i loved this kit!


YEAH!!! Let the stampede begin!!


I sent an e-mail, but I will probably send another one since I just linked you to my gallery.

Becky (Daisyduster)

Yeahhhhhh, yes. I'm just a little excited!
This will be sooo much fun!

lisa (momy4him)

i am soooooo applying to this!!!


Yes---it is a total blast scrapping on the team!!! Have fun picking!!

Cathy Pascual

i was just waiting for a call like this!!!
am sending you an e-mail right now!!!


Ohhh, I've been hoping you would have a call! Yay!!


i have been anxiously looking out for a ct call from you! i'm going to apply now !:)

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