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July 30, 2007


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Your new kits are SOOOO cute! Off to spend some $$$!



The new kits are to die for!! I'm in love with the ice cream party kit. So glad I didn't spend everything over the weekend at the LilyPad :) Thanks for the nice surprise today. Hope it's a good one.


Dang, gurl!!! You have been up to your super sweet shabby tricks again, I see! Look at all those goodies!! My Paypal is going to get a beating for sure next payday! :)

love, me <><

lisa (momy4him)

cute, cute, and more cute!!! you have been busy!! this is why i don't bug you in ichat- so you can turn out more goodies ;)


Oh I have to have the dandelion kit! And I just spent a fortune on the baby girls range at gymboree, loving the strawberry farm range!

Tina Stringfellow

Great new stuff! I also love Gymboree, but with two darlings who look good in a paper sack it is hard to go in and buy without spending a fortune. I have luckily found and alternative to paying full price for Gymboree! Have you looked at Hanna Anderssen? Totally cute stuff!

Shari Barnes

LOVE LOVE your newest kits, Jenn! I swear I could use them over and over! What great photos of the "studly" men at your BBQ. Looks like a great time! You already know I love the Gymbo goodies! ;-) I can't wait for my orders to get here on Friday.


i love desert dandelion! it's a beauty! thank you for the amazing desktop! playing with it right now! :)


Girl, your astuff is so amazing!! Love EVERYTHING!!

Super adorable pics, and love the stuff from gymboree! I might have to check that store out! :)
Have a great day!


Love love LOVE the new designs Jenn. And OMGosh your webpage to navigate through the kits and the new freebies is amazing! You rawk girl!! Still lovin' the new blog design too. Inspiring stuff just when I could really use some inspiration so thank you! :)

Hope you're having a great day too!



The site looks great dressed with your new goodies!!! It was so much fun to play with them!!
Look how cute your dh's friends are together & little Mr. M--just chompin' away!! LOL!
Is that your lawn? If so, need to give my dh some tips!!

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