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July 11, 2007


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Becky (Daisyduster)

Gosh...she's such a cutie! ...and I recognize that Hallmark bag in the background! ...just put a bunch more of those out yesterday! lol
This new kit is just so beautiful..can't wait to get it! (Would've already, but am on such a strict budget these days...bummer! lol)
CAN'T SAY ENOUGHT ABOUT ROMANTIC HOMES MAG!!! ...since Victora mag left, it's been my "flutter in my stomach" when I see the new issue! lol
(Have heard they're bringing back Victoria...I think sometime in the Fall of this year, but not sure...)


You're the best! Thanks for directing Tara my way. She and Fifi have been so great to work with. No surprise someone as sweet and talented as yourself is surrounded with such incredibly sweet talented friends. I'll get to work on that blinkie. :)


Wait! I thought Chayce's birthday was this up coming weekend?? Anyhoo, happy birthday sweet girl!


Oh, the new kit is SO cute, Jenn! So glad Chayce had a fun bday, too. :)

love, me <><


adorable lo girlie! :)

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