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August 22, 2007


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oh wow! second grade! way to go chayce.. have a great year!

and way to go MOM!

Leslie (lhaslem)

oh, how sweet - our girls are the same age - we started 2nd grade too - bravo that you already got pages rock!


oh how fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at her by her desk@ THat is so cute!! Super cute LO too!!


Can I just say, I LOVE Chayce's glasses! So cool and funky! My primary school glasses were red on top, white on bottom - nowhere near as cool as hers!


Adorable Jenn. Love that distressed alpha. I am so getting that kit. :) Enjoy the school year. :)


I can't believe some of you people have started school already - in Michigan the schools cannot start until after Labor Day! Great school pictures - hope you have settled into a routine - mine hasn't even begun yet - LOL!

Becky (Daisyduster)

Oh she looks like a "superfly chick!" do start school early there!

I hear ya on getting back into a "schedule." ..and Fall is in the air....


What a fashionista Chayce is! Such fun pictures. I love the digi layouts too. Hugs, Eva

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