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August 28, 2007


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That just makes me smile - how cute is that?! Love it!

Becky (Daisyduster)

This is so ADORABLE!!!
What a great way to *work* together!
He gets mommy all to himself!!


Too cute, Jenn! He's a little handsome dued, for sure!!

Michelle Filo

LOL, this is just weird!!! I jsut finished two layouts about me and my little guy (like, saved it two seconds ago) guess the title for each layout?
Like Mother
Like Son
hehehe... shabby brainwaves I tell ya!
Gorgeous pics of your little one :)

Shari Barnes

How CUTE! I love it when the little ones work with us. When I am in the office, Kendall brings in her play phone and "answers" calls for me and takes appointments. LOL! So cute! BTW, I am computer jealous. I want to go MAC so bad!!!


How cute!!!


hahaha too cute, jenn! :)
he's a total doll! :)


How cute is that? Come on! ;)

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