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August 21, 2007


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Yeah!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! Time to go shopping...


Wow- One Year. :) Congratulations Jenn. :)


Happy Birthday! Awesome celebration goodies; I couldn't believe it when I saw how much stuff you're giving away!


Congrats Miss Jenn - you are awesome! Here's to many more years!!!


YAY Miss Jenn!! HAppy birthday/anniversary


Woohooo Happy Happy Birthday SMJ!!


One year already? No way. I am so proud of you. So SO SO proud for taking a big leap and selling your designs. I am also super grateful because my supplies would be worse off for not having all those yummy products! but mostly I just wanted to let you know that I am doing a big YAY! for you and being proud to call you my friend.


Congrats, Jenn! I can't believe it has been a year of awesome designs :) Off to get my share of your shabby-licious designs!

Michelle Adams

Happy Birthday SMJ!
Congrats Jenn!!!


*Shabby Birthay* to you!!!!


Now, let me scold you...LOL Where the shebby-heck were you with this Back To School kit a week ago when i was stressing over some back to school coolness for my DAM assignment?!?!? LOL

Love ya..........

James wishart


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