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August 13, 2007


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dude! i'm on myspace! :) oh! and i have a request! LOL! can you make those glitter numbers (in desert dandelions) into an alpha!?!?! purdy puleez??!! they're the best! hee hee :)


I haven't been on myspace in a looong time - now I'm on facebook and struggle to keep up there! It is nice to see friends you haven't heard from in years though :)

Shari Barnes

Nope, no myspace here. My sister-in-law was just telling me this weekend that I need to be, but I honestly can't add anything else to keep up with right now!!

Your concert and hot rod show looks like a GREAT time! I love how every weekend you guys find some great family entertainment. I think we must live in boringville because I can't ever find anything! Can I come live next door to you? ;-)

Can't wait for your new goodies to be released!! I am sitting on the edge of my seat ready to create away! ;-)


Hey Girl! As you already know, yes I am on myspace... I also have a "real" blog which I included the url for; if you can call it real since I hardly ever blog these days... Oh yeah, and pics on flickr too (linked on my blog sidebar). I will have to read your blog and get a bit more caught up on your life after all these years... Looking forward to finding out more about what's been up with you (is there a profile link for you here somewhere? I'm not finding it...). I always remember you as a sweetheart, totally funny, and a lot more "balanced" (as in, more well rounded & easygoing and less judgmental) than a lot of people who went to school with us. ;) So I'm really glad Michelle gave us each other's info, hope we can keep in touch!

Take Care!


Oh how fun!!! I LOVED Nelson when I was in Jr. High! I actually had a big Nelson poster on my wall for the longest time :)

I have a myspace page...but I don't ever really go onto it. I did it for the very reason you mentioned, friends from high school wanting me to. I have a hard enough time keeping up with my blog! LOL!


Oh, I could do the "Stray Cat Strut" even though I am no longer "Sexy & 17" & don't get to "Rock This Town" very often! LOL I think it's was my 11th birthday party at the skating rink when "Rock This Town" was dedicated to me...I can see the ribbons with beads and feathers hanging from my belt loops flowing in the breeze of the open skaters' breeze.


PS - If you don't already own them, run out RIGHT NOW and buy both Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas won't be disappointed! ;)

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