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August 08, 2007


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ya this rate, holiday stuff will just be out...all the time..YEAR ROUND! LOL
as for blogs, i likey "inside a black apple" and "pink lemonade boutique" and yours of course! :)

Shari Barnes

I just can't believe it's soccer time already! We start in 3 weeks, I think. Kendall is playing her first season... should be interesting for sure! ;-) Can't wait to see all of your great soccer pics! Cool blog link too. She almost makes me wish I liked to cook. LOL!


That's a great picture of you daughter playing soccer. I love the ponytail flying in the air. I actually got costumes on clearance last year for the kids, but I wanted to make matching ones for Mommy and Daddy. :) Guess I'd better start thinking about that and working on it! :)


{{{Hey Chick!}}}

The blog is looking fantastic, Chayce looks amazing and so grown up in that soccer photo and that page showcasing it is to die for!!!

Sorry I have been MIA - had lots going on, I swear I'll keep you in the loop from now on!

Love ya!!!


I love that kit, too! That reminds me to look into some sports for the girls this fall :)

Becky (Daisyduster)

Great action shot! Just look at her lil arms flyin behind her...Nike Commercial, yeah? lol

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