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September 26, 2007


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Holy Smoley - 1000 pics - I bet they are all dynamic! Glad you had a nice vacation - now back to work girl - LOL! That desktop is AWESOME - thanks Sarah!!!


thank you thank you!!!

Brooke - in Oregon

Glad you are home and maybe getting some rest! Hope Mattie is well Quickly!

Joy Gross

This is so funny... I was opening your blog... and thought what does that say.. I look at it and it says Seaside Oregon.. It is just weird to see someone posting a picture of where you live. I agree... I love this beach so much. I am glad you had a good time.


wow, 1000 photos, I am exactly the same. I can photograph ober 100 photos of my daughter at one trip. :o) and thanks for the desktop, love it!


Love it!!! Thanks so much!!!


I lost your "bookmark" when my 3 year old took command of the computer a few months ago. I just wondered back across it! Yeah! I forgot how much I love it all. :)

Jen Harr

Hey Sweets! So glad you guys had a nice trip and made it back safely!!! Cute cute pics (I'm sure all 1000 of them are just gorgeous!)!
Craig & I are in Seattle as I type---just us---ahhhhh!


Seaside is awesome but Cannon beach is better...
I grew up in Portland, and went to the beach a lot!

Love the pictures & cannot wait to see more of the 1000 shots.



Seaside is awesome but Cannon beach is better...
I grew up in Portland, and went to the beach a lot!

Love the pictures & cannot wait to see more of the 1000 shots.


Audrey Litfin

I think I have A.D.D. Even when I shot a wedding (and was getting paid for it), I only shot 300 or so. I think my patience runs out as well as my creativity. Can't wait to see lots of pics!


Hope you had a wonderful time at Seaside!! Are you a pacific northwesterner? Seaside is our all time favorite place to go!!


Joy For the Journey

Hi, Shabby Miss Jenn! I'm tagging you for 'Seven Random Things'!
Sarah :)


1000! I'm glad to hear you had a great trip! Thanks for the October desktop - it looks great!


This is soo pretty! Thank you so much.
You should have plenty of photos to choose from..hehe


withdrawals from your blog occurring as we speak...missing you. blessings to you!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914

TY both so very much!!!!!


Ok... add me to the list of people checking your blog EVERYDAY waiting for an update! ;-) I miss your posts sista! I hope all is well! Ü


I've missed you Miss Jenn. Things have been pretty crazy busy for me and looks like for you as well my dear. I was born and raised in Oregon and Seaside was one stop on my honeymoon-thanks for the post-I haven't been home in a while now. Hugs, Eva


Thanks so much, so lovely !!

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