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September 04, 2007


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Shari Barnes

What a great pic, Jenn! LOVE the dudes hair! TOO CUTE! He looks so happy about starting school! That is such a great pic... great light!
WOW - 300 pics from the weekend? What all did you shoot?? I didn't take any... how sad is that??!! I can't wait to see you scrap some! Soooo miss your awesome pages, sista!

Michelle Filo

what a cutie!!!


Wooohooo, he's a big boy now! I remember my girls first day of school. It was harder on me than on them! I have one more to go, she's 2yr, I think that will be the hardest.


Awww, he is a doll!! Look at that cool hair!! Love it!!
Happy Thursday!!


What a great smile and you gotta love that hair.


Trudy Wischropp

My daugther had her first day of preschool too. She loved it, and I loved scrapping it with your back-2-school kit! Thanks!


soooo cool. wish him a great funny time at school! my boy has his first day at school at monday toooo and he loves it :0)

Kim G

I got your back to school kit just for the same thing, DS loves his preschool and doesn't want to come home, but little brother misses him too much! Oh and I used your quickpage here:
You make my scrapping so easy sometimes!

Becky (Daisyduster)

This is THE best picture of him I think I've seen...I just love the colors...and that SMILE! So adorable!

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