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September 18, 2007


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{raising hand} Yes - my hubby has a plethera of hats! {My hand goes down now} No - I don't wear them! Hats and me do not go good!

Love me some halloween candy - mmmm - those pumpkins and candy corn look fab, but I will pass on the finger pops! LOL!

Jen Harr

LOL!!! My hand is raised high! I always snag his hats, shirts & boxers (to sleep in)! LOL!
Congrats on the DiscTalkRadio!! I just left a post in the forum about how happy I am that they spotlighted your kit! Yaaay!
Yum....take one of those delish fingers, esp the one with the black fingernail!! LOL!


I may take a picture now and share cuz my husband has soooooooo many. That could be a TAG you're it thing, huh! I tagged YOU today too for something else! Oh, and I am LOVING the diamond ALPHA! I even feel refreshed and excited about it...seriously! Thanks for sharing it! Blessings!

Gabi Butcher

Loved the little pumpkins!!!
Thanks for the tip!
This is a really fun blog to come by!
My DH does not have this many hats... but I do... LOL!



Sorry miss jenn.. one hat... :) he just seems to buy/have computers instead..LOL. Hats is much cooler!

I am hanging out for these macs to arrive so i can get scrapping.. my notebook just wont do it anymore.. (or rather I am not patient enough to wait for it to do so!)

lisa (momy4him)

my dh is not really a hat guy. he only wears them if he needs to keep the sun off his head or face.
ooooh! love the diamond alpha too!
those finger lollipops are kinda freaky.
um, are you moving?


those finger lollipops are spooky :o)great. I look forward in such a way to photos of your halloween, since it is not so largely celebrated here in Germany. And I was so impressed from your kit and so I take photos from 2006 to create a layout with this kit. greetings from germany!


I think my husband is the only man on earth who doesn't look good in a baseball cap - his head shape just doesn't fit it!

LOVE the fingers lollys - wish they had them here!

Have a great day Jenn!


Brooke - in Oregon

Ok so you should have posted and 'enabler alert'! lol I of course HAD to pick up the diamond alpha too! Good Golly it is awesome, along with a few ummm Other things! :)

We do a 'Kids Club' at our Nursery (landscape nursery) and we are having a Halloween party. I WANT THOSE FINGER LOLIPOPS dog gone it, they look way to fun!

Nope Hubby only wears one hat, it is always a hat with our business logo on it! lol

Have fun packing and don't forget to wave!! Oh also they closed the rest stop just south of town because of an accident a few years ago so ummmmm you can always stop by HERE FOR A PIT STOP!!! hee hee ya can't blame a girl for trying! lol


:::Raising Hand High::: Wearer of all things husband. I've even bought him some stuff just so I could "borrow" it :-)


My husband has two boxes full of hats & I love his big jackets too!

Go check out the new look on my blog! Thanks to your yummy Cherrywood Farm kit!

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