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October 28, 2007


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not me...yet :). i heard it will only work with cs3 and i don't feel like upgrading right now? is that what you heard???


btw - i have cs2


I have it .. I have it.. but you already knew that.

Havent got my tired brain around spaces yet... but coverflow and I are great friends.


Oh, I got it alright. It crashed both my computers. Apparently some big glitch that seems to be pretty common. Unfortunately it took me two days to get my computer back up and in the process (because both my hard drives wouldn't show up because they were supposedly damaged) somehow my drives got mixed up while taking them out and my backup drive got erased! Luckily I am only missing stuff from this month and a little from September. Luckily no pictures or videos this time. I have been so made, I haven't had time to even think about exploring it. I just keep waiting for it to crash again!


I really want to upgrade but want to make sure it will work on my iBook. What kind of a Mac do you have now? Is CS2 working OK?

lisa (momy4him)

as you already know, i have it now too. say a prayer for me while i install it. i don't keep anything too important on my hard drive and i will be disconnecting my ehd whilst i install so it should be ok if something goes wrong.


Hi Jenn! Can't wait for November :)

Yes- I installed Leopard. CS3 works fine on my MBP w/2GB RAM. Windoze through Parallels seems snappier- no issues thus far.

However, Lightroom will not let me print. Getting an error message that seems common on

Love Time Machine!!! You can even back up your external drives! YES!!!

Michelle Andrews

I got Leopard for my Macbook Pro this past weekend, and I love it. I don't use any of the photo editing programs like you do, so I don't have any concerns with it in that respect, but it hasn't bothered anything else for me. No complaints here. Loving everything about it so far, and totally love spaces, too. I need the organization!!


you mac people (*sigh*)... LOL just kidding! :)

so let's talk.


My husband ordered it online so he was able to have it in hands, and installed before stores even started selling it! It's all about who's Mac is bigger and faster, isn't it? I LOVE Leopard - although I've had a bit of trouble with iPhoto since installing, which seems a common problem I'm seeing discussed online. Need to find the install CD to reinstall iPhoto.

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