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October 06, 2007


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lisa (momy4him)

you're still up?!! lol
the new kit is gorgeous! i can hardly wait to work with you next month! :)
you had a close call there, glad you got your baby running again!
sweet dreams sweetie!


Wauw you had a really great day and great weather! We don't know this in Holland and pumpinks hunting looks like a fine tradition. We know Halloween only from stories oversees. Tric and treet is here on 11 nov, St Maartens day, when little children with lampions sing songs at the door and get candy. You've got many great pictures te scrap with your new kit and i'm wish you also a lovely weekend!
Liefs San


wow, now I can buy your gorgeous kit. I downloaded it at the moment :) your photos are great, I love the autumn-feeling and the pumpkins, but here wie donĀ“t have such farms. but we have pumpkins in the garden lol. nice sunday!

sarah vrolyk

glad you are enjoy those tarts, jenn! puts me in a better mood when my house smells so yummy!

looks like you've had a great weekend so far. hope your sunday is a good one!


now I was so curious about this tarts so I buy them by ebay, we have in germany no yankee candle. we have partylite. I look forward in such a way to the post office man lol

ashley it wasn't ME? i thought the paypal misfunction was my fault...i'm glad i can now tell hubby it WASNT' ME! : ) it is a beautiful kit. don't you just love yourself for it? you should! blessings!

Marie Windt

Glad you enjoyed your vaca and hope you feel rested.

I invested in my yankee tarts today too, LOL!

Glad your MAC is back and running right as rain...I just jumped on the MAC wagon and am loving it! Hopefully no more spyware dragging me down.

Enjoy your babies and I'll go play with this new cutie kit!

Thanks SMJ for your creations :D

Marie Windt

I had to come back and tell you...LOVE the bag toppers! I'm so glad you created these! Adorable kit and colors :D

Jen Harr

Oh yum---gotta check out those candles!! Sound delish!!
Look how cute your 'pumpkins' are!!!
OH-- tell your hubby--if he can get here, my husband and his brother are heading out fishing this weekend!! Sounds like he would love it!!

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