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October 05, 2007


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wow this is sooooooo beutifull, I love it, thanks !!!!


looking forward to your new stuff!!!


Those bows look awesome. You rock as always!


Fabulous new stuff - wow!


This is such a pretty Halloween Kit. Love it all!


they both look so yummy!

Amber Evans

I don't think I made the top five - but I wanted to tell you these are SUPER cute. When I have $$ in my paypal I will definitely be grabbing them!!

Trudy Wischropp

Dang! Nine is close to five, right? ;) Can't wait to use this new stuff. Better get to scrappin!

Thanks Jenn!


Holy smokes! THE must-have fall kit of the season. Seriously, the most ADORABLE one I have seen.


Yep....I'm too slow....but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Great job. I'll still be definitely getting it.


Holy smokes! THE must-have fall kit of the season. Seriously, the most ADORABLE one I have seen.


Holy smokes! THE must-have fall kit of the season. Seriously, the most ADORABLE one I have seen.


so...THIS is what you've been up to? can put my layout in your gallery...of COURSE! LOVING THE NEW KIT...i've never purchased a fall/hallloween kit cuz i've never found one i liked all that much. yours is darling! take care, have a great weekend! bountiful + bows = yummy! bye!


I really love this kit again! When I see this kit I want to get my blog a make-over again, but I can't get the kit through pay-pal, It has to make a long journey from over the sea ;-) I'm defenitly inspired from al your work and I want to collect all your kits! Have a great day and so as we say here...fijne dag!
Greets San


P.S. There is a little mistake by the Harvest Kit, there are two buttons add to cart. Think you wanted to know it!


wow, I love the new kit. the shopping can begin :O) I can´t pay too. PP have a mistake. Many greetigs!

Mrs S

Wow too many great goodies! I've stacked my cart up high already - can't wait to actually get some halloween pics to scrap ;0)


thanks you so much Jenn, you make my day ! I LOOOOOOOOOVE all your designs and I'm a big fan of your scrapbook layout !!! thanks again for your generosity


Jenn... this kit is soooo pretty! I LOVE the colors! Now I can't wait to get pics at the pumpkin patch this week! Ü


I love these!!!! Gonna have to grab these this weekend!!!


jenn ... you know i LOVE this kit :) as well as ALL of your goodies !!! thanks for letting me play !!!


LOVE these colors Jenn!


I'm not able to purchase through paypal. =( Lovely kit, though, I do love the colors. ^^ We're trying Google checkout now...


Google checkout worked. ^^ Thanks bunches!!!

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