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October 23, 2007


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oh great new things... I love the new kit and I must have it :o) nice week!


Oh Jenn, you just make my day, because I'm sick at home and just wanted to do something. I'm going to make a new lay for my blog and scraps with these really great and fantastic kits! And thx for the 25% discount.
Liefs San

P.S. your new lay looks fab!


awesome new stuff, jenn! and i am lovin your super classy new look on the old blog here. hotness, girlfriend! :)

Nancy (bluefiji97)

Love the new kit Jenn! A must have! Perfect for Thanksgiving. Can't wait to play with it. Thanks for the treat toppers, too. We'll be visiting my SIL/BIL and all the little nieces and nephews for the holiday and these will be perfect for little goodies for them. Thanks again girlie!!!


I love the new blog design, Jenn! Looks great! I so wish I had time to mess with mine!


Your new stuff is great! Thank you for the discount! I was wonder if you could be so kind to tell me which font did you use for the discount ad, please? Thank you in advance and again compliments, I love your work!

Jen Harr

Looking good over there!! It was so much fun creating a page with the YUMMY goodies!


Love your new look Jenn - GORGEOUS!


Love the new look of the blog!

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