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October 16, 2007


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oh, oh, cute!


I'm with ya! We LIVE for our annual pumpkin patch visits! We have been twice now but I feel the need to go again! LOL! CUTE pics and layout! Love the design!

sarah vrolyk

oh, i can't wait to take the boys to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch soon! thanks for sharing your cuties! :)


Gorgeous LO Jenn. I just snatched up that kit and another one I'd been drooling over this morning with a little gift certificate. Can't wait to play with them. :) And I'm puttin' my vote in for a puggle. They're the squishiest sweetest most adorable things. You so need one. :)


what a great layout, I love it! we donĀ“t have here punkin' patch. your photos looks nice :)


Great scrap en pumpink patch sounds like a lot of fun. Patch: what a beautiful font is that!


Hey Jenn,

You need a Wilbur! That'll keep you and the kids busy! ;)

p.s. stop by to win on my blog!

Audrey Litfin

HAHA, I just had a freak out moment thinking...."now I know it hasn't been THAT long since I checked your blog" and completely missed the puppy stage of your new dog.....good thing I kept reading....haha :)


Love the pumpkin patch! too cute! Just went to one with the kids


hey sweetie! man, i missed yer purdy blog!! :) love the pumpkin shots..there are tons of "pick your own" patches out here. definitely have to get to one this weekend! hope you're well! :) i need to scrap! LOL


Wow- that LO is absolutely beautiful! Your blog is always so inspiring, Jenn! :o)

Kate Teague

We are off to the patch here tomorrow but it has rained for about 2 weeks here so it's going to be SOGGY! Such is the life up in vancouver though I suppose!


Love your layout, and that dog looks like a sweetie, alright! Did know where else to say it, but thanks for the wonderful November desktop! It rocks!

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