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October 10, 2007


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Sara Duckett

Thanks for the kind words, and for tagging me! :)


Very good random list - I learned a few new things in there!!! I say go for the black - I LOVE black furniture!!! Do show if/when you get it done!

Jen Harr

Oh my goodness Jenn, how cute is sadieolive!!! That site is going into my favs!! It's fun learning sweet facts about you!! I'm thinking I like the idea of a black trunk!!! Let me know how it goes!!


Ooooh, thanks for the tag sweetie! :) (I needed something to blog about!)

I am loving the french country decorating too. I love shabby chic but Canadian winters do nothing for it! lol


Penny ~ Mosaic Artist

Hi Jenn!
I'm not sure if you remember me, but I have purchase items from you on Ebay. Today, I came across your blog! How fun! Anyway, I have added your blog as a favorite on my blog and would love it if you would add mine to yours! Come visit me at

sarah vrolyk

oooohhh ... thanks for the tag! i'll have to think of some fun random things and post to my blog soon! :)


Hi Jenn, I too love shabby chic decor. But find that I like a french style too. Black accents are great! I recently bought some scrap stuff from you. Check out how I used it on my blog.

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