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November 19, 2007


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Me! I adore flannel sheets. We only have them off from about June to mid Sept! Lol. So they've been on for while. One of the great perks of winter. Mine are white with reindeer, BTW. Love your cocoa ones.


Yes, yes....I do see the trend happening - you really ARE slowly moving from the pink...OK, maybe not moving from the pink but allowing other colors to enter the "SMJ Zone"! LOL

Brooke - in Oregon

Cute sheets!! But I am not a flannel lover, for some reason I feel like I am sleeping between covers with flannel sheets. Hee Hee I know, weird huh! lol


Umm, after seeing this shot, I will have mine on tonight! :)


{Gasp} I don't own any. I think I need to buy some cute ones like the snowmen ones you've got...too cute. I've never been a fan of the dark plaid colors that I've seen over the years....but those are adorable! :)


I want these EVERYtime I pass them at Target, but flannel is so ittttchy to me - lol. They look so cute on your bed!


I love flannel sheets.....but my DH gets too no flannel for us, but yours look comfy:) Beauuutiful duvet on your bed:) Love those colors!!!


Oh... I LOVE the color of those! They only have pink ones here and I just don't want pink. I wish we had these!

Heather Stokes

ME ME ME......
I got the white ones with snowflakes but saw those and LOVED them. Almost got those.
he he he

Jenn T.

Oh, I love flannel sheets! We just put some tan camo sheets on our bed, LOL! Very manly, but so warm & cozy!

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