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November 08, 2007


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YAY! So glad you took a few mins to do the tag! We are a FORD family too! Our last 8 cars/trucks/suvs have been Fords. :-) Eric is my best friend too, and we LOVE spending time together. We don't get much of it these days so we treasure each minute. We just aren't ones to go out without each other much at all. CONGRATS on the great dentist appts!!! My kids inherited my weak teeth so we rarely get a perfect report. :-(

lisa (momy4him)

congrats on healthy teeth! i wish we were all that lucky. with 6 kids it's always a crap shoot when we go to the dentist-who will have cavities, who fun. :)

Jen Harr

What a little cutie dude!! Yaay! Oh, Jenn, just love you even more!!


Those are some good lookin' teeth! lol

Jess Gordon

So stinkin' CUTE!!!

I have been growing my hair out and donating it to locks of love over and over for years. It used to take me about one year to grow it long enough, but now it takes way longer for some reason. Just a fun fact for ya LOL :)!

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