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November 13, 2007


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Hi Jenn,
I am with you on aunt now has Lupus and is not doing well at all. I wasjust chatting with a friend about the important things...spending time with those you treasure:) {prayers and hugs to you}


I'm sorry...

~simply stork~



This was so beautifully written.

My condolences...



Love you Jenna.


mmmmmmm...thanks for sharing. i totally get your heart here. totally.


So sorry for your loss Jenn - said a little prayer for her family.


Oh I'm sorry to hear about your friend. I agree with you about going to the funeral though. It is important, even if hard. Oddly enough, I actually have been to funerals I consider "good." I remember remarking to my DH and others that one in particular (for a small boy) was "really good." That seemed so weird to say, but was really true at the same time. I pray your friend heals well. Such a hard thing to happen--and especially right before this holiday season. Hugs!

Michelle Filo

sorry to hear about Chris' friend... Lupus? I didn't that disease still kills in this day and age... choking.
I can relate a lot with you, your relationship with your grandpa and I promisse to think twice next time (God forbid) I am asked to attend a funeral.
The first one I ever went I was 12 years old, and also got traumatized by the reality of seing a 8 year old girl that was just a beam of light, there, motionless, gone forever. I had nightmares for some time and then when I was 17, a friend from high school passed away, I saw her and it just broke my heart in a million pieces, she was so popular and had such a great future ahead of her, and she looked so "broken". That made me promisse not to go again, that is not how I want to remember people...
oops, spoke too much already
hope you enjoy your family today, thanks for the heartfelt and insightful post.


So well written - our friends recently and unexpectedly lost their son and as I sat through the service I felt so sad and I never knew their son - but who he was to so many just broke my heart.

I think a big part of funerals is mourning with those that mourn...sure helps us all to remember our blessings - sending hugs your way. :)

lisa (momy4him)

(((HUGS)))funerals are always hard, whether you know the person or not, it's the loss of a life. i am so sorry that you are sad. spending time with family and loved ones is such a blessing we often take for granted. thanks for reminding me how important it really is, because as you said, we just don't know when our time is up...
(((more hugs)))


jenn, i understand you completely. i have an extremely hard time letting go of people and i still cry for the ones i miss who passed away years ago. it's never easy but it does help to have people reach ouot to you in your time of grief. so, i'm so glad you decided to go. i'm sure it helped the family immensely.


VERY well written, Jenn! So sorry for your friends loss. Death is such a hard thing to deal with, but we definitely should rejoice that WE have another day together to cherish those we love!


(((Big Hugs)))

I agree with you, funerals are very hard. However, they are so important to life. Go hug the kiddos, kiss the hubby, and call all your friends and family. Cherish life.


I'm so sorry about your friend, Jenn. Your post is so true. I dread funerals more than anything in the world, but they really are so important. I'm going to hug my family extra tight when they come home tonight :)


hey...just read this too...i'm behind on my blog reading. i'm so sorry about your friend. i'm so elated that she was obviously surrounded by so many that loved her dearly while she was here on earth. no pain in heaven. can you imagine? none. thanks for reminding me about being thankful for those around me. you are a special person. blessings!


(((biggest heartfelt hugs))) Oh Jenn, my heart is breaking for all of her sweet family and friends. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Thank you for reminding me to squeeze my loved ones extra tight today.

Kate Teague

Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry for your loss. Wonderful words you have spoken here. So true... time with family is a gracious gift that we have all been given. Thank you for that reminder. I'm going to give out a few extra hugs tonight.

Nancy Brown

I am so sorry to hear of the lost of your friend. As a Lupus patient, I know the heartache the disease can cause to friends and family. But there is hope. I am currently enjoying a "honeymoon" phase...I am symptom free for the first time in 3 years. I don't know how long it will last but trust me, I am enjoying every minute of it!

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