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November 20, 2007


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Girl you have done it again... I am so drooling over the new kits... Thank you for putting out yet again more fantastic kits.


You just send me two great birthday gifts. They are really super faboulous. I gave myself a day off tomorrow (also a present) and now I can make a new lay for my blog, with these two fantastic kits!
Liefs San


Thanks so much and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

hugs, Angie :)

Michelle Filo

gosh girlie, absolutely stunning, I REALLY love ShabbySnowKisses :) congratulations on another job well done!


Yea!!!! I always love when SMJ comes out with new kits. BEAUTIFUL!!!!


Super adorable kits!!! Got them both and can't wait to use them!


AWESOME new kits, Jenn! I am soooo excited to be on holiday so I can scrap with them too!! Whoo-hoo!!! I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Ü


Hi Jenn, you have some gorgeous kits there, but I can't get the discount coupon to work, I've tried several different things but I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. It's not the 25th yet is it?



Oh no! I thought the discount code would still be good today, but now I see it's "until" the 25th, which means it expired on the 24th.

I'm so bummed...will you be having a sale around Christmas? *hint hint* LOL


I too was hoping to use the code -such ADORABLE kits - the cutest I have seen online! :-) We have been out of town for Thanksgiving and was SO EXCITED TO see the sale - I immediately went to order - but the code won't work. Does the "through the 25th" include today (Sunday)????


these kits are gorgeous! makes me mad I missed out on the sale, I'm always late,lol!


wow, a adorable kit, I love it! Pity, I forgot shooping at the day of this coupons. Unfortunately, I have an kit-shooping-stop until this year lol. It should be in your ct. loool and now I wish your and your family a nice december and thoughtful waiting of the holidays. many greetins - alice

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