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November 28, 2007


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Not pink - hmmmmm... blue?


CUTE pictures!! We have some Star Wars lovers here too - but they are too old to dress up! As for the renovation... hmmm... brown? I am NOT a good guesser. LOL


red? blue? you are killing us here... :) lol.

I had to click over to your site from my Google reader because I thought I might find the answer on your site at the end of the post...

sarah vrolyk

black? blue? brown? I need a picture, Jenn!

LOVE the cuties in their costumes. Now I know to go out the day after Halloween and pick up costumes at a steal. Thanks for the tip. :)



ROFL - look at those boys - my favorite part are the superman slippers!!!



HOW Cool are those lil dudes..

I vote Daddy makes a big toy box and uses one of those fake grain rollers to make timber slats of old..and DEF go the buried treasure look!

Becky (Daisyduster)

I'm going with BLACK too!'re keeping us in such suspense!


I say black too, mainly because that's what I'm painting my furniture these days!

kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

Very cute!
My son was not a dress up kind of boy. He has yet to have his face painted. Choosing a costume every year is challenging since he won't wear a mask or makeup.

Did I miss the December Desktop?

Nancy (bluefiji97)

I think you painted it black!

Audrey Litfin

HAHA, who didn't LOVE playing dress up as a child! What a great idea to get the costumes after Halloween... :)
Too cute!


They really are just too cute - dress up or not! LOl

I call "Amber" maybe an ochre.... being the new color! Something warm is all I'm sayin'!! LOL


BTW, if it's out of the "warm/naturally neautral tones" I call black.....I would love to have you come opver to the dark side- "Black,it's the color of life." ;)


OMG Jenn...soooo cute. My kids LOOOOVE Star Wars. I can't wait to see Chayce as Princess Lea.


another guess of black!! i just did my bedroom with black furniture and loooooove it !! i want to change the entire house now :) hehehehe ...

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