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November 09, 2007


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Looks like you've got a great selection of mags there for inspiration. Have you seen the new blueprint mag? The cover alone inspires me. :) Can't wait to see your to-do list AND pics of you as a snow bunny. :)

Jennifer Haywood

I really like your stuff!
If you are looking for inspiration check out Melissa's blog at:
This is my favorite blog. She has the most beautiful cards and projects. Very Inspiring! Good Luck!


Plus, chocolate always helps with inspiration for me. :)

Becky (Daisyduster)

Ohhh I LOVE Christmastime!!!!
HAve you seen the new VICTORIA magazine, newly brought back in circulation this month, just in time for Christmas??? It is Gorgeous!!! ...and of course, Romantic Homes..which has our own Lil Miss OliveJuice in it!!!
Soo much fun!

Cheryl Dack

Hello! Just wanted to share some things I've been doing for inspiration...
-Search "vintage pink Christmas" on eBay (wowee!!!)
-Get some real glass glitter and make something using it...if you haven't tried it yet, you'll never go back to regular glitter ever again!
-Pile up coordinating fabric or paper or whatever your personal "eye candy" is in color-coordinated piles
-If you're into paper, look at the vintage-inspired oh-so-yummy paper kits on Alpha Stamps. LOVE THEM.
-Fill glass bottles with pretty materials you have that inspire you (like vintage millinery flowers, trims, hardware, etc.)and display them in your studio/office/workarea

Just a few ideas! And I'm loving the pieces I've bought from you on eBay lately, by the way!!!! Gorgeous in person!!!

hugs to you...
Cheryl :)


Just waiting on your weekend wrap-up post... (tapping fingers on desk...)

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