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November 05, 2007


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we share the same disorganized dvd storage system that you do...i look forward to seeing ideas...have a great day!


I haven't done it but what about those "labels" you can add to preserve CDs and DVDs. Example:
Just a thought especially for those Disney films that get "locked in the vault."


dh swears by these cases. he recently got rid of all the dvd cases & put everything in these. not that i can find anything but it's all organized now!

Kayla aka Legacy Lady

With five kids - life is a little crazy with the dvds - finally put them in binders - and that has helped quite a bit - especially when we want to take them on road trips!

I love the idea of the disc guards though - totally going to have to look into that!


We call it the suitcase of movies..LOL we have a hard cover binderlike system - we get it down and he can flick through and see all the DVDs and choose.. then we put it on and slip the old one back. WE are the bad ones tho.. sometimes stacking the 'used' ones for a bit before resliding.


First, thanks so much for the freebie! I downloaded it on Saturday and used it in two layouts today (I am currently working on my adoption album from when my husband, oldest daughter and I traveled to China to adopt a little baby girl). Your kits are so beautiful!

To be honest, I never have thrown out the cases (I like storing the
DVD's inside) but I do store the cases in long plastic storage containers that I then put in the closet. It is pretty easy to find what you are looking for since they are see through.


I put all of my kids DVDs in a CD wallet and the cases stay in the side table. If he wants to play with them, fine, but the DVDs stay in the wallet. Once in a while I get mad at the mess and throw a bunch of cases away, but they do have a way to proliferat, don't they?
Thank you for a great blog and great eye candy!


yep--lots of scratches here too!! I put the DVDs in a binder thingie and then I put all the covers from the DVD container-thingies together! Simply just punched a hole (put them in a page protector first!!) and put them all in a o-ring. Now the boys just flip through and pick out what they want to see and I find it!! Makes it so much easier and then they can sit on the couch and flip through the "menu"!!!


Looks like some good ideas for you. I have nothing for you. So far the girls don't mess with their DVD's so much.

What a cute little Matthew LO! I can't wait for the time to play with this kit!


QVC has a great storage system for either DVD's or CD's. It is awesome!


definitely do binders! just make sure you splurge and get some really nice ones. we had a big fat case logic one and the top holes NEVER stayed on the ring. SO frustrating! LOL. but it really is the best way to go...and just think of all the space you'll be freeing up for PRETTY things! :)


yep - we do the binder thing too! i have different binders based on 'theme' .. so audrey has her own 'kids' binder, i've got an exercise dvd binder (LOL - yea, that never gets opened!), girly movies for me, one that holds movies for hubby and me, etc ... it works out pretty nicely!

Nancy (bluefiji97)

Our dvds are in a huge binder also. I did keep the original dvd cases in storage because I intend to donate a bunch to our local library as soon as they outgrow them. The binder is great because the kids can easily flip through them to find what they want!


I am DYING to get this house organized before all the holiday decorations come out!! I just have no idea where to begin. I need to hire one of those people that come in and show you how to do everything!! LOVE your layout and that new kit! The colors are soooo PRETTY!!!

Kim G

We organized our DVDs by buying a DVD carosel (spelling is not my forte) and put all of our DVDs in it (ours is a Sony and holds like 400 or something)! Then we just put in the title info and organized everything by genre/title whatever and put all those DVD cases and stuff in the attic! It was a little spendy but with us having little ones, we didn't want to have to take out and put in DVDs anymore (sticky fingers)!


We use binders. We still get our dvd's scratched though, LOL! I did purchase some of those cd/dvd sweaters but I couldn't tell you where they are right now!!! You might want to look into the sweaters though.


I am happy to hear we are not the only unorganized ones. We lose or have damaged cases because my two little ones (age 2 and 4) have to look at the cases too. Thanks for the laugh.


Thanks so much, Jenn for the awesome kit!!!
As for the DVD's, yep, ours are in a binder. You could always save the DVD cases- or just the paper part!? Maybe even laminate them for the kiddos!

Tina Stringfellow

We use Case Logic DVD Books to store them in. Takes up so much less room and they have soft sleeves.

In addition, we bought a 400 disc DVD player so that all the kids movies are in it and the ones we like to watch over and over. That way I never have to go looking for the book where their movies are.

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