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November 14, 2007


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oh that font is so yummy i could EAT it. those things are dang expensive! wowzee! i think there is an "i love fonts" gene and i was born with it. thanks for sharing. love the pen, but i'm sure to loose something like that. blessings.


{{Jenn}} Huggers to you! :)

Lovin' that font....and that pen, it's way cool too!

Love ya.....

Brooke - in Oregon

WOW and WOW again, that font is totally fabulous, yummy and to die for! But way out of my justified price range (DANG IT) I did have to wipe the drool off my keyboard though! lol


OMGosh - I NEED to do a Michaels run now!!! LOL Love those!

Jen Harr

What, not white or pink!! I'm actually way into the amber thing now. Just ordered some amber & chocolate tiles for my fireplace & that sweet candle would look so nice there!! LOL!
Beautiful font!!

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