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December 31, 2007


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love the bowling pics! we love to bowl as a family but it seems that since we got the wii we have not gone outside the house to bowl anymore. we'll have to change that! i believe that pink will make a comeback with you someday- just watch! i agree that lanne should sell her actions as well! that girl is awesome!
thanks for the freebie you are too kind- love ya jenn! have a happy new years day!


rotfl.. i thought.. oh who is sheila.. new actions.. mmm must have new actions..LOL you are SO funny.. (and you so wouldnt really say sheila if you lived here)..LOL

MAYBE I will sell them.. MAYBE.But in the mean time i like you to enjoy them!

jessi nagy

so cute! we used to go to dinner and bowling for new years when our kids were younger. what fun!
happy new years!


What a great pictures and from here a very happy new year. It's early in the morning in this new year and I see this great freebie! Thanks!


happy new year! I wish you the best for 2008!


FUN bowling pics! I ditto the comment above. We used to GO bowling, now we bowl at home on the Wii. LOL! LOVE reading about all the fun things your family does together!! Happy New Year!!


looks like y'all had a blast bowling :) super cute pics! and thanks for the freebie :) loooove it!


Thanks for the freebie and Happy New year to you and everyone!!


Happy Birthday Jenn!


Happy New Year sweet Jenn - your photos are fabulous! Is that a Rebel that you are using??

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