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December 12, 2007


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Adorable sewing machine. I just might pick one up for Mariah. Very cool!

Hey...I have the orginal Monopoly game, but never bought the theme ones. Is it the same rules and just different names/game pieces?

Your website looks fantastic, by the way! Great job!

Angie (aka lily24)

Too sweet! My youngest DD had this Singer sewing machine a few years ago, for christmas - I also had a 'junior' singer way way back in the day (LOL)!!!
hugs :)

Jenn T.

I, I mean, my DD has one of those sewing machines. It's a Barbie version, but I'm pretty sure it's a Singer, too. I'm embarrassed to say that I'm actually the only one that has used it. And what's sadder is I tried to hem my DS's pants with it. Didn't work (I'm a really horrible seamstress!) I've got to let my kids give it a try, though!


Kendall had one of these sewing machines before and LOVED it. Unfortunately, her brothers got a hold of it and broke it! She will be THRILLED when Santa brings her a new one!! Ü I can't wait to see you post pics of Chayce's creations! Game night sounds sooooo FUN! We have been soooo busy we haven't had time for all five of us to even sit together at the same time for the past couple weeks!! It's insane. Hopefully next week we will be able to start slowing down!

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