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December 18, 2007


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you take the best pics! looks like a fun day was had by all. The screen share sounds too cool!


I have never spoken to Lanne before, but I do read her blog and she seems like such a GREAT person and VERY talented photographer & artist! SO glad that you two have become friends. The screen share thing sounds FUN! LOVE these photos!! It looks like the kids had a GREAT time with Santa! Ü Kendall was the only one of mine willing to sit on his lap and she insisted I be IN the picture so I couldn't take any of her while she was rattling off her list to him! ;-) We may have to make another trip over there so I can take some! LOVE that family ornament! So cool. The kids and I always pick out ornaments each year that represent what we are into. So fun to look at all the different ones over the years!


Forgot to say, we got your Christmas card today. THANK YOU! LOVE that photo! You have to tell me what action or steps you took to get the toning of it. AWESOME!!!


What fun! Love the pictures and that ornament is great!


Laughing. I am not the one with the accent!!

The kids sounded so cute! I am pleased I could use it to show you stuff (it is fun!) Next time I will try and do it slower... I think I go to fast! :) Muah! Happy Holidays to the munchkins! LOVE the ornament.


Looks like you had a lot of fun! I need a MAC.

(I just ordered that same outfit for my dd that Chacye has on.)


Looks like you had a lot of fun! I need a MAC.

(I just ordered that same outfit for my dd that Chacye has on.)


I stumbled across your site about a month ago and after reading the first couple of entries, I began clicking through the older posts until I had read the rest...every single one. ;) I am an avid scrapbooker (though I haven't gotten into digital because it just seems so complicated for a girl like me who feels like she just has basic computer skills) and a newlywed with a husband who is into photography and LOVES his Cannon (and am trying to learn a few things myself.) No cute kiddies to photograph yet, but someday. :) Better to get the skills first, right? jk Anyway, you are a *wonderful* photographer of everyday moments!!! I love so many of the photographs you use on your pages. I am curious what lens you use for most of your shots? You seem to be able to capture great shots no matter what the light...which is one of my challenges right now, especially in lower light. Thanks for the inspiration!!


awww, love the santa pics! i have talked to lanne too and i love listening to her talk! she does have a really cute accent!

Stacey F.

Where did you get that adorable ornament?


ha look at those cuties w/ santa!!!

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