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December 03, 2007


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Alright--now I've seen everything! SMJ has sworn off the pink? Am I in an alternate universe or something? LOL--You know I am just playing around:) Pink has its place, but I haven't looooooved pink since I was a little girl. I like it, but it's not in my home decor or anything:) Have a great, non-pink, day! Hehe!


LOVE the new site!!!!! It is beautiful! Sounds like you are keeping busy--we probably all are right now huh?


wowza love the new look! thank you for letting me serve on your team, it was fun! and thanks for the link for the vintage christmas music!


LOVE the new look at the site! Love the DVD storage albums! Love the BLACK furniture, and of course I LOVE your kiddos pic!


the revamp ROCKS! i mean, i liked the pink, but the new look is so cozy and totally shabby.


LOVE the new site design!!

Julie Brooks

I love the new look! Sarah V. has gotten me into the digital world and has me hooked on your kits!!!
Love your site!!!


Love love LOVE the new look. Wow!! And do I see goodies yet to be released there?! :) I think the more ornate looking ones would look fantastic on that chic cabinet. So fun! Awesome pic of the kiddos too. You'll have to post the cards here after they're sent. Can't wait to see 'em. :)


i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it, it's absolutely gorgeous and fresh and so "set apart" from the norm. it's great! you did good! i love it all!!


jenn! the shoppe looks FAB, the kiddos are so SWEET, and i love the cabinet! if it were my choice, i would choose the top knobs. love those! and thanks for the music link, i can't get enough xmas music! LOL (((HUGS)))


Yeah!! the shoppe looks beyond gorgeous. I had seen it yesterday...thinking maybe there was some more yumminess that I could buy as my paypal was burning a hole in my pocket!! But since I pretty much own it all already, I will just have to wait for some new designs!!!! LOL. Anyway, it is bEE-YOO-TI-FULL. I'll miss the pink, but it is so incredibly unique!! Great great job.


If you don't mind - I would LOVE to know where you found those awesome DVD albums at! That is such a great idea!!! Thanks!


AMAAAAZING...Love that new look!!! Il love all of the elements you used here.

Jen Harr

LOVE LOVE the new doo on the site!! Fabulous!! Great black piece of furtiure!! I'm a sucker for the black pieces!! Look at those cutie pies! Thanks for the smiles!


Everything looks just terrific!! I am really loving the blue :D

I too need to know where you got your DVD albums.... I need those so bad.

Keep up the great work


Where did you get your DVD storage?

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