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December 05, 2007


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Oh - I am so jealous about the bamboo fun - that is on my list!!! Only you can take such a cool pic of it next to a shabby watering can! :)

LOVE your LO with the new SP kit - DARLING!


Very cool!


ok you'll have to show us the cool things you do with it, k?
your boys are adorable in their hats and the layout is beautiful! i have to go check out the new goodies over at sp's. did ya see that i won the gc at lanne's? i was stuck on the icon that was you, but i went with the short, blonde hair and guessed it was you and i was right!


Bamboo Fun is on my Christmas list for sure Jenn! Thanks for sharing the link sweetie-it's easier for showing dh what I was talking about when telling him what to buy me this year :)Hope you are doing well_ I always love stopping by to see you here. Hugs, Eva


Ok... I got a Wacom back when I first started digi scrapping and quickly returned it because I didn't have the time to "learn and adjust" to it. I am feeling the need to try again with this one! I think I might have to head over to Best Buy today and pick me up one! ;-)


Oh, I forgot to say that I LOVE LOVE that photo of the boys in their hats. The lighting and colors on the photo are just PERFECTION!!

Tina Stringfellow

The Bamboo looks fun, but I wonder how it feels to use it. I bought a Wacom tablet some 10 years or so ago and always had a hard time using it to draw or write since I couldn't seem to connect with what I was writing on the tablet and having it appear on the screen. Always came out looking weird! Great pics of the boys. Wish we were cold enough here for winter jackets and hats (80 degrees tomorrow, YUCK!).


I picked up the Bamboo Fun at best Buy last night. ;-) Have you used yours yet?? Thoughts on it? I want to see something you have done with it (written/drawn). I am hoping to break it out of box Sunday after our big holiday party is over!

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